Here's Exactly How to Get Hair as Good as Meghan Markle's Signature Blowout

From the moment Meghan Markle first stepped into the public eye with Prince Harry after announcing their engagement news, all eyes have been on her style. Between her crisp white jacket and perfectly undone blowout, the former actress, who will soon be marrying into the royal family, has been catching the world’s attention not just for her impending status, but her fashion and beauty looks as well. So in order to find out how to achieve her waves, we turned to celebrity hair extension expert Kathy Benghanem, who breaks down her secrets for creating a look like Markle’s in the How It’s Done video, above.

First things first: if your hair isn’t as long as Markle’s medium-length cut, obtaining a set of clip-in hair extensions might be your first order of business. Benghanem uses the Hair U Wear 18-in. clip-in extensions, which are divided into small 4” pieces to create a natural look around the head.

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After sectioning of a small layer of hair at the bottom of the head, the pro inserts extension clips at the part, repeating with small sections until she reaches the top of the head.

Moving on to the waves, Benghanem wraps a 1” section of both real hair and the extension around an open flat iron before clamping it down and pulling it through the hair to create a loose wave. She repeats this process all over until the entire head is curled, and teases the ends with a fine tooth comb before locking everything in place with hair spray.