Tips to get more followers on your Instagram account

Growing an Instagram account is the common goal of a large percentage of users of the platform , which is why many work on strategies to constantly gain followers . And gaining followers on Instagram is much easier said than done, since although there are one billion active users, there is also much more competition than on other social networks , even more so if we consider that Instagram followers have different objectives when using the platform real comments.

Here we have put together some tips that will help you get more Instagram followers:

Get to know your Instagram followers

This is one of the most basic principles of advertising and communication, and it continues to be valid in social media activities. You must define who you want to attract. Keep in mind that you need to think strategically and understand your Instagram followers in depth to determine the best way to express your message. Knowing the preferences of your followers will allow you to create attractive content, which will be reflected in the level of interactions, your visibility and, finally, in the number of followers you attract to your Instagram profile.

To fully understand the tastes of your Instagram followers, you must offer different types of content over a period of time and then evaluate its effectiveness with Instagram statistics. In this section you will find the visibility of the publication and the reception that your followers showed for that specific publication.

You can also turn to additional tools like Hootsuite, Brandwatch, and Sprout Social to access more detailed statistics that can also be useful for gaining more Instagram followers.

Take a look at your competition

Instagram is an incredibly competitive platform where you should try to stay one step ahead of your competitors. When we talk about observing your competition, we are not referring to replicating their strategies, but rather seeing what works and what doesn’t in terms of their Instagram content. This will help you discover what sets you apart and how you can use it to your advantage.

Likewise, if you’re just starting out on Instagram, looking at similar accounts that already have a solid Instagram follower base can help you determine which way to go. Adapt some ideas to create your own strategies and gain many Instagram followers.

Take care of the aesthetics of your profile to get followers

The visual aspect is crucial on social networks and takes on much more weight on Instagram. Upon reaching your profile, an average user will take a look at your latest posts and almost instinctively make the decision to follow you or simply close your profile.

Take care of the aesthetics and quality of your posts to ensure that you are publishing attractive content that allows you to constantly gain Instagram followers.

Work on the quality of your content

We already talked about the visual aspect, but what is the essence of your content?

Surely an eye-catching photo will help you get a good level of interactions and you may be able to attract many Instagram followers, but imagine what you could achieve with that photo if it has an additional meaning that could be attractive to your followers. Think about what it is. What you want to communicate and what is the best way to do it, this will help you have a clearer idea of ​​how to talk to your followers to create a strong and lasting bond.

Interact with your followers

Social networks are a channel that goes in two directions and it is precisely this quality that has made them now even more important than traditional media such as TV and radio. Take the time to respond to messages and interactions from your Instagram followers, as not doing so may cause them to simply decide to stop following you.

What you should avoid

Just like in the real world, on Instagram there are some written and unwritten rules about using the platform’s features. For the goal of growing their profile, many users have decided to do whatever it takes to achieve it, but this thinking may not only be ineffective, but it can be counterproductive and take us away from our goal. These are some of the things you should avoid:

Overposting: It’s important to be consistent with your posts, but you should do so at a pace that isn’t overwhelming to your Instagram followers. The frequency will depend on the size of your account, but if you have less than 5 thousand followers, it is recommended to make 1 daily or interday publication.
Follow someone to follow you: Following other users just to attract Instagram followers is not a recommended move if your intention is to be an authority in your niche or create an influential account; especially if you decide to leave
to follow them as soon as they follow you. The best thing you can do is follow users whose content interests you.
Spamming other followers: Spamming can not only be annoying to other Instagram users and cause you to lose followers, but it goes against the platform’s policies and can get your account temporarily or permanently suspended.