8 tips to get subscribers on YouTube in 2024

If you have a YouTube channel , probably one of your concerns is how to get subscribers and make your videos have millions of views in a matter of minutes.

YouTube is currently the best platform for sharing videos real comments, video blogging and even improving your marketing strategy.

This platform is available to everyone and has more uses than you think. From makeup tutorials to helping you create your own company.

If you have tried everything and you still can’t be like those YouTubers that you admire so much, I will teach you everything you need to know to achieve it.

With more than a billion users on it, it is worth it that in 2024 you are among the most famous on this platform.

How to get subscribers on YouTube (8 tips)

1. Plan and organize
Planning and organization are necessary for any goal you set in life and definitely if you want to get subscribers on YouTube too.

For your channel to be successful you need to know what it is going to be about or what you are going to talk about.

You can do whatever you want, as long as you have clear objectives.

Addressing specific topics , at least if you’re just starting out, could be of great help. This way you assure your subscribers that they will be able to find more content like that in the future.

Then, once you have a specific audience, you can open up a little and experiment with other topics. Don’t try to run before you walk.

To plan efficiently, write down the possible topics you would like to cover, set aside a few hours a week to record and edit your videos, and decide which days and times of the week are most convenient to publish them.

2. Know your audience
If you had not paid attention to this point before, it is time to start doing so.

Although the idea of ​​having your own YouTube channel is for you to do what you like most, but why not please them from time to time?

Knowing your audience will allow you to know what type of content they want to continue watching on your channel, in addition to ensuring their subscription for much longer.

At the end of each video, ask what topic they would like you to talk about in the next one and take into account the comments and suggestions so that you create a much friendlier bond.

3. Publish engaging content
The content you publish on your channel is a key factor in achieving success (or failure).

That is why you must create content that hooks them, that is entertaining and informative.

Many YouTubers make the mistake of starting the video well and then go another way (with a topic that no one is interested in). This will only stop them from watching your video.

If you can make a video go viral, you will attract much more traffic to your channel.

But BE CAREFUL : don’t spend all your effort trying to make all your videos viral.

When you least expect it, one of your videos will (inexplicably) go viral.

Once you have a good cushion of subscribers , you can choose to upload videos where you tell about your daily life or simply where you let your imagination fly. Not before.

4. Increase the number of publications
If you really want to get subscribers on YouTube, leaving your channel behind is definitely a bad idea.

Balance is essential, that is: you cannot (or should not) publish ten videos a day, but nor one video every two months .

With either option, you will only bore your subscribers and your videos will most likely not get the number of views you want.

Ideally, you should publish one video a week.

To do it effectively, take into account the notes you made in the first step and you will see how you achieve it. The key to success is to persist and never give up.

5. Create attention-grabbing titles
The titles you choose determine whether or not users will watch your videos.

I assure you that you would never watch a video with an extremely boring title and neither would I. That’s why you should let your imagination fly and create an eye-catching title.

Don’t make them too long, they usually don’t read them, and don’t use the word “video” in the title either.

You can try using keywords that tell the user what your video is about.

Google tools such as Google Adwords are very useful for choosing the title.

This one, in particular, helps you know which words are being searched the most on the web and thus place them there.

The most important thing is to choose a title that positions you in the first results when a user does a search.

6. Customize your channel
Have you ever logged into a very boring channel and subscribed? I bet you not!

YouTube offers you a number of options to customize your channel that, without hesitation, you should take into account right now.

For example, the first thing potential subscribers see when they enter a channel is the background header (or cover).

So why don’t you put an amazing image in that space?

Then, we have the trailer . While many YouTube subscribers don’t pay much attention to it, there are others who do. So for these you have to create a fantastic trailer .

What should you take into account to do it? Well first, the duration.

It should last between 30 and 60 seconds . Remember that it is just an opener to what your channel will be.

What should you say? Since you have approximately one minute, you should be as clear and direct as possible.

Make a brief introduction of what you will cover on your channel and why they should subscribe to it.

Another aspect that you can (and should) customize to get subscribers on YouTube are the thumbnails of each of the videos you publish.

YouTube has the option to generate a random cover, but it would look much better if you choose them.

Your video thumbnails let your user know what the video is about. If you manage to attract attention, the clicks on your videos will skyrocket.

7. Edit your videos like a pro
Even if you are not, if you can dream it, you can do it.

The editing and quality of the videos are fundamental strategies to help you get subscribers on YouTube.

When recording a video, an unexpected noise may interrupt you , or your mother may decide to ask you a question and you may have to take a new shot.

Don’t worry, it’s normal and it happens to all YouTubers and they should record at least 10 different takes.

That’s why editing exists , to save your life and that of your videos.

These tools will allow you to cut or eliminate those parts that you do not want to appear in the video.

For example: the moment that passes between you pressing the record button and sitting down to start talking or when you forget what you had to say, fillers, mistakes, gestures, in short…

You could also add a song to your video, phrases, other voices, images or even increase the volume at which it will be played.

Editing can be tedious, but once you see how it can help you get more subscribers on YouTube you will want to become an expert.

Take your time and stick to your planning so that you dedicate enough time to editing.

8. Have contests and giveaways
Who doesn’t love contests? We all love them!

Contests and giveaways will undoubtedly help you get subscribers on YouTube.

Once you have a certain number of followers, you could reward them for their loyalty by giving them whatever you want. From a shirt to a new cell phone.

And well, if the prize is really good, rest assured that your giveaway will go viral and you will end up getting more subscribers to your channel.