How to make your Content Marketing massively more compelling

content marketing

Which of these approaches do you find the most compelling?

  1. I wrote this blog post, now I want you to read it.
  2. There’s an idea I believe your business will benefit from, so I wrote this post for you.

And which of these 2 do you prefer?

  1. I made this audio program, now I want you to buy it.
  2. Business owners struggle with this challenge, so I created an audio program to help you.

Your marketplace is far more attracted to the second approach in those examples. Despite this, almost every small business marketing message is based on the first approach. They market from a self-focused mindset, rather than concentrating on the needs (or wants) of their marketplace. And it loses them sales and client enquiries… all day every day.

Smarter marketing

Your marketing needs to be smarter than that, if you want people to hire you or buy from you.

Remember: Every business exists in order to solve problems. Your prospective clients or customers don’t care what you want. They care about answers to their problems.

What next?

Spend some time reviewing your marketing. Shift the emphasis of any self-focused material, from what you want to what they want. Show them how passionate you are about helping them. Show them you care. And make solving their problems the cornerstone of your marketing messages.

Sure, pushing sales messages at people may be easy. But it’s spectacularly ineffective.

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