Blogging Advice from Experts

You know that regular blogging is important, but you also know that regular blogging can be very time-consuming. So how do you feed the blog beast and still have time for the rest of your business? One of my favorite strategies is to create an expert post like this one. Simply reach out to other experts in your field, peers or other business owners who serve a similar market. Ask them to answer a specific question. Encourage them to keep their answers short. Then collect content, organize the post, and add a little commentary to pull the remarks together.  When you publish the post be sure to include links to their websites and tag the authors on social media.

The group post is a win-win-win. Your readers get great content. Your guests get links to their sites and a chance to reach a new audience. And you have relatively little work to pull it all together. So with that in mind, I asked my friends from Indy and around the country to share a few blogging tips. Here’s what three of them had to say.

From Robby Slaughter – / @robbyslaughter  @accelawork

Two words: amplify and challenge. That is, find something you agree with and emphatically insist it’s totally correct and add to it—and also find something you disagree with, and push back on it. It’s even better if you’re responding to the same content source.

From Stephanie Eppich Daily

I write from where people’s happiest or worst memories are from. I speak to people on a different level, it’s not business, it’s personal. Having someone to talk about an experience, like death, that you’ve both shared opens up a whole different kind of conversation. I write from my heart. 

From Albert Kaufman 

The main thing I’m learning is how to reuse content in various places – I usually start in one place – say, my email newsletter and then that content goes on my blog; LinkedIn as a Pulse article; and then these links go out onto FB and Twitter as links. If you’re going to take a moment and write something brilliant, I suggest sending it further through all the channels available. Here’s a recent example: this started as a newsletter then landed on my blog and then went out and will go out in the future (because the content is somewhat “evergreen”) via my various social channels.

So go ahead, ask your friends and peers to help you generate a bit of content to supplement what you are creating. Need some additional inspiration? Grab a copy of our Blogging Basics Workbook