Today’s your day. The day everything improves. And here’s the proof!

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Today’s a very special day for you and your business. I’ll explain why (with 100% certainty) in today’s post.

Okay. Let’s go!

There’s no question about it, the marketplace needs providers from your industry.

As a business owner, the question is, why do they need you specifically? After all, your prospective clients can find dozens of alternative providers, on Google, in seconds.

Here’s the thing: The most successful business owners set themselves apart from the rest. They focus on being directly relevant (and thus highly compelling) to a profitable section of the marketplace. They may be the fastest provider, the cheapest, the most expensive, the most fashionable… whatever. The key here is that they’re not like the average provider.

They pick a profitable slice of the marketplace. Then they focus like a laser on being directly relevant to that niche.

The average provider doesn’t do that

So, they’re forced to compete for business against all the other, average providers. And that’s a really tough way to try and build a business. Here are just a few reasons why.

  • You have too much competition.
  • You struggle to get your business noticed.
  • You get too few enquiries.
  • You get too few referrals.
  • You attract fee sensitive clients.
  • You have to pay for advertising.
  • You have to network.

In short, you have to do all the soul-destroying things the average business owner does.

Yes, there are average providers in every industry. But I know for certain that you don’t want to be one of them. (I’ll explain why I know for certain in a moment).

You can choose to be meaningfully different from the average provider. You can make building your business so much easier and massively more rewarding. You can move your business away from the over-crowded average section of your marketplace. You can work with better clients, earn better fees and build a spectacularly better business.

Here’s the challenge.

You also have the freedom to stay where you are

And the average business owner will do exactly that. They will work too many hours. They will earn too little. They will decide to settle for less than they’re capable of.

But that’s not for you. I know for an absolute fact that you’re not average and that you want more from your business.

How do I know this about you, with 100% certainty? I know because you’re right here, right now, reading this!

You’re looking for ideas, guidance, clarity or answers. Maybe all of those things. That means you’re ready. It means the desire is there.

Don’t waste it!


Because this could be the defining day for you, which every successful business owner has. It’s the day where they decide to be the best they can be. To explore their potential. To finally find out what they’re truly capable of. It’s the day they choose the right path. The day they take action to build a business that excites and rewards them on every level.

I know that’s where you are right now. You’re ready. But more importantly, I hope you don’t waste this moment. Decide now to make this your day.

Let’s grow your business! I can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits. To find out how, read this.