How to Make Ceviche At Home (It’s Not That Hard)

Hamachi Ceviche with Cherries, Radish & Cucumber

photos by Ashleigh Amoroso When we were in Costa Rica a couple weeks ago, Adam and I couldn’t stop raving about the flavorful ceviche that was as incredible at roadside stands as it was at fine dining restaurants. I vowed to myself that I’d attempt to recreate it back home, so we had Hannah Yerby, sous chef at highly anticipated seafood spot Guild, come over to the bungalow and demystify it for the home cook. Turns out, making great ceviche really can be super easy when you’re armed with good fish and a few tricks of the trade. Keep reading for Hannah’s expert tips, plus her recipe for the most insane yellowtail ceviche with cherries, cucumbers and mint. YUM. And if you can’t wait for Guild to open, scoop up your tix to the upcoming Austin Entertains event on Feb. 22! (more on that below.) Take it away, Hannah! …see the slideshow here

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