Yet Another Virtual Telco Launches, Offering Unlimited Data At Only $19 For The First Month

Zero1 is the latest, and the third virtual mobile telco in Singapore, following Circles.Life and Zero Mobile.

From today onwards, the first 3,000 customers can pre-register for their unlimited data plan that will be launched in March.

The plan costs $19 for the first month only, after which the plan costs $29.99 a month. It also comes with 200 minutes of free outgoing calls and 200 free outgoing SMS.

According to Straits Times, Zero1’s regular-priced plan is only “one-third the current market price”.

It also referenced Singtel’s Data X Infinity plan which costs $108.80 a month at least, Starhub’s weekend unlimited data plan that starts from $24 a month, and M1’s mySIM3 98 that costs $98 a month.

3GB At Max Speed, Unlimited Data At “Managed Speed”

The Zero1 plan promises 3GB worth of data at the fastest speed, which supports downloading and streaming.

Stuart Tan, CEO of Zero1 explained that they have to manage the “surfing speed of heavy users” such that it won’t affect other users on the network. This is a requirement for them to maintain the low price point.

He also said that once the 3GB data cap has been reached, the network will optimise and manage the internet speed when using apps like YouTube, Facebook, or WhatsApp calls.

The plan includes free caller ID, and registration and SIM fees, which cost $10.70 and $21.40 respectively, will be waived off during launch promotion period.

Zero1 has no 12 months or 24 months contract. Its minimum contract period is one month and subscribers can terminate anytime 30 days in advance.

The Virtual Communication

Virtual telcos do not require physical networks to provide telecommunication services to consumers.

Zero1 leases their network from Singtel, like Zero Mobile, while Circles.Life partners with M1.

They were reported to have “raised a few million dollars from private investors” like Zone Telecom.

The company plans to provide free voice roaming service through the Zero1 app which is scheduled to be released in June. Other plans include releasing tiered data plans and a streaming service for music and live concerts on other platforms.

Subscribers can use the app to call and receive calls from any Singapore number at no cost while overseas.

This is possible with a call-forwarding technology that Mr Tan made and patented last year which is fixed in a device called Qongle.

Qongle has been integrated into Zero1’s backend systems so data roaming charges will apply, but rates will be released later.

With another telco in the market, which one will you choose?

To find out more about Zero1 or sign up for this plan, check out their website here.

Featured Image Credit: Screengrab from Zero1’s website

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