10 Of Jobstreet’s Top Employers That Are Hiring In February 2018

We usually serve up jobs here every month. This time around though, because we’re still in one of the peak hiring seasons of the year we’re going to curate a list of companies with a lot of openings for people to sign up in—especially those with multinational or career-expansion dreams.

These are what Jobstreet calls some of their top employers—companies that hire the highest number of employees on their platform. Similarly, the number of jobs offered per company is pretty extensive as well, so there should be something for everyone no matter their specialisation (or lack thereof).

Do note that this could also mean that the companies have higher turnover rates, or that competition is steep—both during hiring, and once you’re in the company.

In no particular order, some of the top Jobstreet employers are:

1. Dell Global Business Centre

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Today’s world couldn’t possibly exist if not for more affordable technology, and this is in part thanks to Dell, which aims to make technology more accessible across the globe.

Working in Dell means working in a diverse workforce that is built around finding solutions. Dell also states that it relies on people to run the company, so they have a series of programmes that help their employees aim for a career that could harness their potential.

Dell also offers perks such as gym benefits, medical, miscellaneous allowances, dental, and even vision benefits.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

2. UOB

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UOB is a Singapore-based bank that also operates in Malaysia and it won the Best International Bank of Malaysia last year.

As an employer, UOB actually offers the potential for flexible working hours, even a flexible leave schedule. Other perks include a comprehensive medical and insurance plan, and of course banking privileges.

Once with UOB, the company actually encourages its employees to move around, even across countries depending on the stage of your career.

UOB even offers leadership training and core competency development for those who join their company and are in it for the long-haul.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

3. Citibank Berhad

Image Credit: Citi

Citi is a company with lofty goals. Their is a banking company that priorities the needs of their clients first, but considers its responsibility to its people as one of the pillars that keeps the company afloat.

The environment is dynamic and challenging, with opportunities for career motility outlined openly in their website. Reviews of the space tell the story of a good work environment, good pay for those coming in with experience, opportunities for career advancement, and lots of opportunitites to do charitable contributions—but with overtime and hard work expected.

Benefits include medical, loans, dental, vision and even education support for those looking to further their studies.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

4. Nestlé

Image Credit: The Star Online

Nestlé is considered one of the most desirable employers in Malaysia, so much so that they have their own application process on their website. Meanwhile, their brands are considered some of the most well-known both nationally and globally, while the brand itself has been stable despite the shifting world.

This MNC offers flexible hours, dental, vision, interest-free car loans, housing loan subsidies, staff discounts, and flexible benefits. Nestlé is said to offer some pretty good benefits. The work environment is also described to be healthy.

With that being said, it’s usually challenging work where you’ll have to think out of the box to really thrive, and a well-seasoned interpersonal skills will help too.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

5. MOLPay

Image Credit: MOLPay

MOLPay is one of the more recognised payment gateways used in Malaysia. So perhaps it’ll only be interesting for those either interested in finance, or technology, especially now during the boom of online shopping.

The benefits offered include medical, dental, parking and insurance. With a current company size of 50 to 100 people, you’ll be experiencing the life of a tech company that is currently growing its team. You’ll be able to gain experience in more than just your job scope, and the environment will be challenging and require you to think on the fly for lots of things.

It’s the kind of environment that could be great for some, and not for others.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

6. AIA Berhad

Image Credit: AIA Berhad

AIA is one of the best-known insurance companies in Malaysia, and it’s been around since 1948. AIA believes that happy employees perform better, which in turn better services their customers.

The company is constantly expanding, and offers opportunities for potential employees to stake their path and climb up the corporate ladder.

Benefits include medical, health screenings, loans, dental, sports benefits, and vision as well.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

7. Royal Bank Of Canada

Image Credit: Lina’s Backyard

Royal Bank of Canada is a growing organisation looking for talent with motivation. Their employment opportunities are said to be quite diverse, with lots of divisions and buildings involved. It’s one of the 15 largest banks in the world.

RBC also offers opportunities to make a difference in local charities. Another interesting factor is the organisations formed within the company, like a Diversity Leadership Council, an Employee Wellness and Social Committee, and a Citizenship Committee.

Benefits include medical, education support, transport allowances, shift allowances, and flexible benefits.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

8. Maybank

Image Credit: Maybank

This local company has a presence in 3 countries, and it already has a reputation for being one of the most desirable companies to work for. They’ve even won awards for it.

Maybank pushes very strongly as a top recruiter of talent—they can only achieve anything as a company with a strong pool of leaders on their side. So they even hold career development programmes and offer leadership acceleration opportunities.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

9. Sunway

Image Credit: The Star

Sunway is a homegrown group raised by Jeffrey Cheah into the powerhouse it is today, between malls, hospitals, universities and theme parks. Now, Sunway is gunning to build its own Smart City.

Passion is said to be an inherent value entrenched into their organisational culture, with certain moves to cultivate leadership. Sunway enforces a Sunway Leadership Criteria is embedded for both businesses and employees.

Sunway also emphasises interpersonal skills to really thrive in their environment, and help shape it. They also want to promote strategic thinking among their people, which means employees might have to think outside the box if they want to do well there.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

10. St. Jude Medical

Image Credit: Wilson Seow

St. Jude Medical is a Fortune 500 company that develops high-tech medical devices and services. A St. Jude Medical device is implanted into a human being every 3 seconds of every hour of every business day.

Those interested in medicine might find a career at St. Jude appealing, as it will give you an insider’s look on cardiac, neurological and chronic pain solutions on both a tech and a medicinal frontier. The Penang office in particular, is a manufacturing facility that ships out globally.

They are looking for enthusiastic, passionate, dynamic employees. Benefits aren’t stated on Jobstreet.

Jobs Available:

A full list of jobs is available here.

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