Voters sound off on sharks, Donald Trump's hair, and Paul Ryan

The latest national poll from Public Policy Polling offers important insights on sharks and Donald Trump’s hair … and echoes the worrying Republican polling uptick in some other recent surveys. But first, the headline news:

37% of voters think Donald Trump’s hair is all natural, 30% think he wears a toupee, and 33% are not sure.

The verdict is out for Americans when it comes to sharks- 21% see them favorably, 14% unfavorably, and 64% are not sure. Voters are split on what is scarier to them between sharks (43%) and Donald Trump (42%).

If it was a toupee, wouldn’t it be thicker and more symmetrical? With fewer disquieting glimpses of the underlying scalp? And whatever frightens you more, Trump poses a lot more danger to the average American than sharks. 

Anyway, about the politics: Democrats lead the generic ballot 49 to 41 … but that’s down from 51 to 40 back in December. Paul Ryan is super unpopular, with 29 percent approval to 53 percent disapproval … but that’s an improvement from December when it was 23 percent to 58 percent. Just 38 percent of voters like the Republican tax plan … but that’s another improvement. Donald Trump is way up to 44 percent approval. None of these numbers are good, but you don’t want to see that upward trend for Republicans. This year is going to be a fight to the finish.

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