Midday open thread: President's Day, the nuclear football and Stormy Daniels

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is Another particle blaster incident:

What you missed on Sunday Kos …

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On this President’s Day: 


On this President’s Day, congratulations to James Buchanan on finally moving out of the bottom spot in the presidential rankings. https://t.co/p8slBKFMbe pic.twitter.com/wh9kwMyMsj

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) February 19, 2018


On Thursday Nov. 9, when President Trump and his team visited Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, Chief of Staff John Kelly and a U.S. Secret Service agent skirmished with Chinese security officials over the nuclear football.

Comedy from the White House travel pool report on Sunday:

Motorcade drove past Ultra Gentleman’s Club near Palm Beach International Airport, which was advertising an event: “Stormy Daniels Making America Horny Again.” The sign said the event is taking place April 13-14. 

They never show this on those ads for cruises:

Violent brawls and disruptive behavior on a 10-day Carnival Line cruise in the South Pacific led the ship to dock early so Australian police could remove a large family of 23 people.

Cellphone video from the ship shows passengers on the Carnival Legend tussling with each other and security officers amid shouting and screams from alarmed onlookers.

The video also shows security officers kicking passengers after they were down on the floor.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin and Armando join us in wrapping up a wild weekend of Trump rage-tweets, Mueller indictments, contrarian hot takes on both, and much more. Is you sate thinking of arming teachers? Beware: no one enforces the “safety rules” until it’s too late.

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