Tom Henning Ovrebo: ‘Chelsea fans threatened me after Barcelona’

Tom Henning Ovrebo talks to Marca

Ahead of this week’s monster Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona, Spanish paper Marca have interviewed Tom Henning Ovrebo.

Ovrebo remains infamous following his refereeing performance back in 2009 at Stamford Bridge.

On that night Barcelona drew 1-1 with Chelsea in a huge controversial Champions League semifinal.

Some of the biggest decisions in that match included Samuel Eto’o’s handball in the Barca box which didn’t lead to a penalty. That decision sent Michael Ballack apoplectic.

‘Chelsea fans threatened me after Barcelona’

It’s nine years since that match, however it still remains fresh in the mind of Tom Henning Ovrebo.

Marca asked the former ref if he’s proud of how he performed in that match:

Not at all. It was not my best day, really. But those mistakes can be happen to a referee. And they sometimes happen to a player or a coach. 

But no, I can not be proud of that day.

Should Chelsea have been award a penalty in the game? Ovrebo tried to avoid reopening old wounds:

There were several mistakes and everyone will have their opinion of those decisions. But, I insist, the players and the coaches also fail, and nothing happens. 

I am proud of having had a long career and having been in the European elite for a while, and among the best in my country at least. That’s why you can not remember my career just for that game, although some people, like you, do it … unfortunately.

What was it like for Ovrebo after the match at Stamford Bridge?

According to the former referee, he had to look after himself for a few days:

After the match I did not talk to any footballer. I left the field with dignity, I went to dressing rooms and that was it. 

Of course, I remember that we had to change until the hotel and there were many hostile people against us. We had to take care of ourselves that day and the next.

At the time (I received death threats from Chelsea fans). Now everything is in the past. Until 2012, the topic was hot. Then it went out. 

And sure, after publishing this interview, some fans will remember me again. But I have no problems. People can do what they want. I have a happy life with my friends and family in Oslo. I’ve already accepted my mistakes.

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