Proof that Lukaku is better than Lacazette and Morata combined

Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku is proving himself to be superior than Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette and Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata- at least statistically.

All three strikers were heavily compared before the season began as fans debated that their club invested best in a summer transfer window that saw some serious movements being made.

Now that it’s February and more than half the season has gone by, it’s a little easier to judge which of the three is the best.

Lukaku had the edge in terms of Premier League experience and it’s perhaps this factor that’s made him the better striker this season.

Lacazette and Morata were both brought in from abroad and so the London clubs have suffered from their somewhat risky investments.

Romelu on goals alone proves that he was the smarter buy and it’s no surprise to see Jose Mourinho edge out ahead of his other rival managers.

The Portuguese boss has a reputation for knowing his way around the transfer market and it’s a credit to him that he invested wisely.

The Belgian has had the added bonus that his team are performing better than both Chelsea and Arsenal, making it perhaps easier for him to perform as well.

United fans know more than anyone else that there’s still more to come from Romelu Lukaku and that he can still improve even further.

For all of Alexandre and Alvaro’s talents before coming to the Premier League, they’re struggling to prove themselves in their new environments so far this season.