This Hair Product for Humans Is What Westminster Dog Show Competitors Swear By for Perfect Fur

The perfectly-coiffed pooches of the Westminster Dog Show are hair goals, caninified.

Just look at Best in Show winner Flynn the Bichon Frise: His towering white ‘do is truly awe-inspiring.

Dogs like Flynn don’t just roll out of bed with this kind of fur, though. It takes hours of primping to achieve some of these looks. Handlers can often be found making last-second adjustments to their dog’s fur before trotting out on the ring.

And while there are plenty of products made for show dogs and their high-maintenance hair, there is at least one product for human manes that many of the Westminster competitors use.

On Tuesday night, numerous dogs could be spotted using Kenra hairspray to tamp down any final flyaways before strutting their stuff.

Why Kenra? One of the handler’s explained why this product is picked over many other human hairsprays.

Amy Booth, the handler and owner of Riese the golden retriever, who won Best of Breed this year, told PEOPLE the product is ideal for dog shows because it holds fur in place without leaving any white, flaky residue behind for the judges to see.

Amazon users seem to agree, with multiple reviewers noting that the product provides a light hold with no “crunch” or residue.

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If you are interested in getting a hair product you can share with your canine, you can pick up a bottle of Kenra hairspray on Amazon for $17.99.