Pundit questions this Man Utd star's position at the club

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp has questioned Marcus Rashford‘s position at Manchester United and discussed whether he should leave the club or not.

The youngster’s future has been seemingly thrown up into the air by many pundits such as Thierry Henry after Alexis Sanchez’s arrival to Old Trafford.

Although Rashford is naturally a striker he has featured mostly in the Chilean’s preferred position as a left winger under Jose Mourinho’s management.

The Englishman and Anthony Martial have been fighting each other all season to start but it appears as though they may have been overtaken by Sanchez as the first choice option there.

Redknapp believes that Marcus is certain to suffer by Alexis’ arrival and that it might come to the point that he will have to consider leaving.

According to the Express, Jamie said on Sky Sports: “If I were him, I’d be certainly questioning my position there. I think Jose said a few weeks ago that they have Sanchez and he wants to sit him in next to him so hopefully that can rub off on him.

“What a load of rubbish. The only way to get better is by playing. He’s probably thinking ‘why have they signed him?’.

“That’s his biggest nightmare that Sanchez has gone to that club. He’s such a talent and at the moment he’s on the bench. That is not going to help his development.

“The great players in world football of his age are playing regularly. They signed Lukaku. Is Lukaku a better player than Marcus Rashford? I don’t think so.”

Jamie Redknapp’s words are perhaps as bizarre, if not more than Thierry Henry’s as both pundits seem oblivious to Marcus Rashford‘s time at United.

The academy product started the season in fine form with Martial quite often on the bench as fans and pundits hailed his performances.

However, soon after Rashford’s displays started to dip and so the Frenchman was preferred by Mourinho as he was impressing whenever called upon.

Anthony’s performances were so good that he won several player of the month awards with the most recent one in January, benching his 20 year old teammate.

Alexis Sanchez’s arrival coincided with Marcus’ being benched and so pundits believed it was a direct correlation between the two when the truth couldn’t be further from it.