Poodle Training: What One Must Know

Do you want a four-legged companion that behaves properly? Proper dog training can lead you to years of love and friendship with your pet…

Now that you have finally made up your mind to have a Poodle as an additional member of your happy family, another thing to put into consideration is the training. Dogs, regardless of breed and sex, must be trained properly. People must remember that dogs do not figure out basic training on their own. Meaning a Poodle needs his owner or handler in order for him to behave in a way that is pleasant to be around. So if you do not want an aggressive dog, a dog that chews on anything his little mouth can get or a dog that barks loudly that is too much for you (and your neighbors) to bear, start training your beautiful Poodle now.

If your brought home a puppy, start socializing him as soon as possible. Experts say that a puppy should be socialized starting from three weeks of age and ends until 12 weeks old. Socialization when done during this period helps the puppy develop social relationships with other dogs and animals as well as people. This prevents aggressive behavior and other behavior-related problems.Dog training Houston

Generally, training basic tricks and commands can begin as early as eight weeks of age. One cannot determine at once what training method works better to a certain dog. If correction based training works best to a certain dog, you cannot be sure that it will be the same for your dog. Use one training method of your choice and depending on the puppy’s development and response to training, determine if that method is right for your dog. If you think that the first method you use is not effective, try other methods. You can also try to combine various methods. Do not limit using single training method alone. Take note that positive training method can be used together with correction based method.

One important thing to avoid in every dog training is punishment, particularly physical punishment. Never hit or spank your dog if he failed to understand and obey your command nor rub his nose against the floor if you discover urine stain. Punishing a dog will not make him understand why he is being punished especially if the mistake was done many hours ago. If caught in the act of making a scene, clap your hand or make a loud noise in order to distract him from doing what he is supposed to do.