How to keep ThinkProgress in your Facebook newsfeed

How many pages do you “Like” on Facebook? How often do you see posts from them? If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you’ve probably noticed the pages you like are almost absent from your newsfeed. This is by design.

In January, Facebook announced changes to the algorithm it uses to determine what you see in your newsfeed — much more from the people you’ve friended, much less from the pages you’ve liked.

How to see content from the pages you like, including ThinkProgress

The only way to make sure you don’t miss stories from ThinkProgress is to visit our Facebook page and mark us as “See First”. This is how you do it on the mobile Facebook app:

How to turn on "See First" on the Facebook mobile app

See First pages will show up at the top of your newsfeed, before the content Facebook has selected for you. You can set up to 30 people or pages as See First. Here’s how you do it on the desktop website.

How to turn on "See First" on Facebook's website

If you want to change your See First settings, you can do on desktop, on mobile, or in your newsfeed at any time.

How to make room in your newsfeed for your favorite people and pages

Not all Facebook friends are created equal. If you find that certain people’s updates are consistently irrelevant to you, you can instruct Facebook to temporarily or permanently remove them from your newsfeed. This is how you do it on the mobile Facebook app and the desktop website:

How to Snooze or Unfollow a person or page on the mobile app (left) and the desktop website (right)

In their place, you’ll find more content from your favorite people and pages. You can reverse this at any time by visiting a snoozed or unfollowed friend’s profile.

How to see more from ThinkProgress

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How to help ThinkProgress reach more people

Facebook is prioritizing stories that get comments. You can help ThinkProgress’ stories reach more people by commenting and sharing the stories you read. Talk to your fellow readers about the story and share with your friends and family.

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