The first rule of White House Wife-Beaters Club is don't talk about … the wives

Have you ever faced an integrity test?

For example: someone reaches into their pocket and when they pull out their hand, a $20 bill slips out and lands or the floor. Or someone ahead of you in line at the grocery accidentally forgets their wallet and leaves it on the counter.

Do you immediately alert this person about their potential loss, or do you simply pocket what they’ve carelessly left behind for your own gain? Do you do what’s right, or simply what’s expedient and convenient?

If someone behind you in line sees you pick up the item and just before you stuff it in your pocket they say “HEY!”—do you deserve credit for finally giving it back only after you’ve been caught in the act?

I think not.

We face small and large tests like these all the time.  How we respond to them is a testament to our underlying character. How the Trump White House has responded to such challenges over the past year is a clear testament to their complete lack of the same.