Cure Your Procrastination With This One Mental Shift

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featured image from lauren conrad The irony of my current situation is not lost on me. It’s 8pm, the night before this blog post is scheduled to go live, and I’ve just now sat down to write it. So there you have it: full disclosure that, while the trick I’ll talk about here is certainly effective, the truth is that procrastination, as a bad habit, is one tough nut to crack. I’ve been a procrastinator all my life, and honestly, I don’t feel that it ever kept me from being happy or successful in school or at work. But what it did do, I recently realized, is put me all-too-often in a state of dread. Whether out to dinner or even on vacation, I’d find myself dreading the one big task I’d been putting off — a college paper, unpacking from a trip, laundry (the worst), an uncomfortable e-mail. If …see the slideshow here

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