BT Sports & the joke VAR graphic during Huddersfield vs Man United

Everyone hates VAR

Anyone who has been tuning in to watch Serie A matches this season will know how bad VAR can be.

It’s received mixed reviews in the test cases in England. But during Saturday night’s FA Cup match between Huddersfield and Man United, many fans were turned completely against the new technology.

That’s after Juan Mata had a goal ruled out minutes before the halftime interval.

Juan Mata goal vs Huddersfield

Man United took the lead at against the Terriers with a brilliant goal from Romelu Lukaku.

However, as the first half wore on, it became clear that United needed a second to seal their foothold on the cup tie.

Just before the break it seemed United made that breakthrough.

Ashley Young slipped a pass through to Juan Mata. The Spaniard got past the Huddersfield keeper and he stuck the ball in the net.

A good minute after Mata’s scored, the ref reversed the goal.

Why? Because Mata was adjudged to have been offside.

But was he? When BT Sports tried to support the decision, they used one of the worst graphics ever seen on TV.

Seriously. Who drew those lines? Was the editor drunk or high?

The social media backlash was immediate.

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