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Why You Should Care Who Your Instagram Audience Is

25601440Why You Should Care Who Your Instagram Audience Is

As marketers, we get excited about creative projects that let us play around and have fun in the space—but there are times where this creativity misses the mark because we don’t have all the facts. We don’t understand our audience well enough.

2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide

Until you have the data that helps you identify who your audience is and what they care about, your Instagram efforts will not be as effective as they could be. 

Your intuition about what resonates with your audience is a strength, but making decisions based on data will help you challenge assumptions and mark progress towards your larger goals.

If this hasn’t already convinced you to go after the data, here are three other reasons why you should care who your Instagram audience is:

1. It Will Help You Create a Uniform Content Strategy

Once you’ve determined who your audience is on Instagram, you have a foundation to expand and explore from with new content strategies, all the while working towards appropriate goals. 

Identifying the imagery or graphics that your audience persona engages with will capture their attention in an ever-more saturated space, and increase your brand performance. 

The brand has a strong presence on Instagram. It’s playful and colorful. The brand recognition is high with their target audience.’s Instagram Profile

Consistency and uniformity targets’s customers directly, and helps their key persona identify content first in their feed, over possible competitors or distractions they follow.

When you identify your persona(s), you can ask internal questions like: 

  • Is your audience persona younger? Create content with animation and a more graphic feel.
  • Does your audience persona have a higher level of sophistication? Create content with a more professional feel and possibly focus only on photography.
With Simply Measured Listening, you can find out who your audience is, what the say about your brand or target topic, and where they live.

The more you know about your audience, the better you and your design team can build creative and reach them. 

2. It Opens More Potential for Partnerships

Spoiler alert! With the tactics shared in our How to Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram webinar, you’ll be able to uncover possible partnerships with other brands.

These partnerships not only help increase reach and brand awareness, but can also help get you to your audience and engagement goals on Instagram.

With Simply Measured Social Analytics, you can easily set and track progress towards goals.

Recently, Pressed Juicery and Pop and Suki leveraged their overlapping audiences for an Instagram giveaway—one that could be the first introduction for either brand to the other brand’s audience. 

3. It Helps You Target Ads Effectively

Once you understand who your target audience and lookalike audiences are, use Instagram Ads to double down on your potential customers.

Your ads will also help you modify your audiences as you learn which lookalikes are engaging with your brand more than others. When you identify your audience persona, you can also go beyond advertising and craft messages or campaigns that relate to personal interests and demographics.

Want to learn more about identifying your Instagram persona(s)? Join Lucy Hitz and me on Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, February 14th, for our webinar covering tactics for reaching your target audience on Instagram!

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