Weevils Favorite Items to Attack and Practical Control

Take good care of your grains, cereals, seeds and nuts as these are the targets of weevils. If you want to know where they can be found, check your dry food. You will find some of them hiding there for sure Mosquito.

To know if weevils are present in a bag of food, look for granules stuck together, as if they have been entangled in a cobweb. Make sure that you do this every time you eat foods that weevils target, because once you ingest them, you may acquire E. coli infection among many other possible diseases. The kind of disease that you get from weevils depends on what type of food they feed on.

You may even find weevils when you open a bag of flour. They also like breakfast cereals, barley and oats, so watch out for these pests before eating your food.

Weevils are also known as pantry pests. They cause persistent infestation and they waste food. All types of weevils are destructive, including acorn weevils, granary weevils and rice weevils.

One cause of weevil infestation is when a packaged good has been left opened for a long period of time. If, for example, you opened a bag of oats and left it that way for a few months without touching it again, chances are there will be weevils infesting your goods. Weevils can gather on windows, climb up the surfaces of your home and crawl on your floors just to find their way to your home. It is then important to practice weevil control measures before it gets too late.

When bringing home items that are prone to flour weevil infestation, like sugars, grains, or dried beans, you will want to put them into the freezer for four to five days before putting them away. This will kill any flour weevils in the products and will keep them from spreading to your other food. Obviously, you won’t be able to get everything from your pantry into the freezer. Take any other items that aren’t canned and place them in zip-lock bags. This includes cookies, rice, crackers and everything a weevil could possibly get into. Keep them in the bags for 4 days.

However you decide to help prevent the infestation of flour weevils in your food storage area, the most important things are to keep foods prone to infestation sealed in airtight containers, to use older food first, and to only buy small amounts of foods that are prone to becoming home to flour weevils at a time. Where you have cereals or dry items in your pantry, keep them in a zip-lock bag or an airtight container. This ensures that no weevils can reach them.