Weekly News Update

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  • InStyle shared Universal Standard’s new workwear line, a 13-piece capsule dubbed “The New Executive Class.”
  • Fast Company reported how British designer Misha Nonoo reimagines what a modern fashion label looks like, with an on-demand strategy and “Easy 8” essentials.
  • Vogue offered a list of seven skin treatments to schedule before spring.
  • Fashionista provided four nail polish colors to try before they become too trendy.
  • PopSugar Beauty had beauty tips for when you’re recovering from the flu.
  • Speaking of the flu, The New York Times advised how to avoid getting the flu after your partner gets it.
  • The Cut explained why everybody’s obsessed with skincare right now.
  • The Cut also reported why women are still afraid to report sexual harassment at work.
  • Ask a Manager gave advice on what not to say on social media while looking for a job.
  • On Refinery29, Stacey London, former host of What Not to Wear, shared how she survived her financial, emotional, and physical struggles.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, in light of the recent news that Doritos was working on quieter chips, you know, for the ladies, McSweeney’s offered five other items targeted at women.

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