WATCH: Pregnant Woman Dancing to Daddy Yankee's 'Dura' Before Delivering Baby

When Daddy Yankee posted a dance challenge on Instagram to promote his new hit single “Dura” in January, dozens of female fans posted videos grooving to the new tune, but he probably didn’t expect anything quite like this: a pregnant woman boogying alongside her husband hours before giving birth in the hospital. On Feb. 14, the reggaeton star reposted the video, writing: “This couple was ordered by their doctor to do something so she would dilate. They danced the #durachallenge before going into labor. A #DURA baby was born!” The couple welcomed a baby girl. 

Fans were totally taken by the dancing parents-to-be. “Beautiful. That’s a great way to ease the pain of delivery. Musical therapy!” one follower joked. “Genius, I loved it!” another wrote.

Last week, the singer posted another quirky video involving a grandma getting down to “Dura” alongside her trainer during gym class. “The abuelita is dura. She looks so beautiful dancing. It’s one of my favorite videos,” he said in his caption.

The Puerto Rican artist actually surprised the 90-year-old Miami-based woman, whose name is Rachel, on Univision’s morning show Despierta América.  She was a guest on Feb. 12 after her video went viral. Rachel urged the TV hosts to dance “Dura” and they surprised her with a televised greeting from Daddy Yankee: “Mrs. Rachel, Daddy Yankee sends you a warm greeting,” he said, “I congratulate you for your great video that has revolutionized social media. You have inspired many people to do the ‘Dura Challenge.’ I loved the video. It’s one of my favorites. You showed us that age is nothing but a mental state. Thanks so much for supporting my song. Love you.”

Yankee has been reposting his favorite videos from the “Dura” challenge since it commenced in January. On Jan. 24, he shared a very sexy dance video posted by leggy model Zuleyka Rivera.  The Puerto Rican actress and former Miss Universe, who appears in Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s record-breaking music video “Despacito,” broke the Internet with her “Dura” moves. In mere hours, her clip garnered over 1,700,000 views and thousands of comments. Stay tuned for the next “Dura” dance diva!