The healing power of music

Music has traditionally been defined as the “art of organizing – sensibly and logically – a coherent combination of sounds and silences, using the fundamental principles of melody, harmony and rhythm through the intervention of complex psychoanimical processes.”

In all cultures, music and sound are part of ceremonies and rituals. In all cosmology and mythology, sound became an important link, a kind of carrier wave between the spiritual and earthly worlds kambo healing.

The etymological origin of the concept comes from the term muse, which in ancient Greek referred to a group of mythical female characters who inspired artists. They had the mission of entertaining the deities of Olympus under the direction of Apollo, god of music and also of medicine.

For the Greeks this discipline was “an art impregnated with the power to penetrate the deepest part of the soul.” In fact, in the schools of Greece, healing and sound were considered a highly developed sacred science.

Throughout time and history, both medicine and music have contributed to the development of human beings. Both influence the body, emotions and behavior and can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Their union gives rise to a professional discipline: music therapy, whose results are being confirmed by a wide variety of scientific studies.