Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra Takes His Father Butch to Rehab for Substance Abuse

Tyler Baltierra has finally been able to get his father, Butch, back into rehab.

The emotional father-son moment was shown on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG.

The reality star, 26, flew with his father to get him treatment for his drug addiction.

In tonight’s episode, Butch revealed this was his ninth or tenth time seeking professional help and that he hoped this would be his last visit. Butch will be spending six months at the treatment center.

“I ain’t got no pressure, nobody trying to sneak up on me or try to get me with a razor,” he said of his confidence at returning to a center as opposed to his recent stay in prison.

When the arrived at the center, Tyler and Butch were separated with the latter talking to an intake counselor and Tyler speaking to a different counselor about the sobriety process his father would undergo.

Tyler expressed his worry about leaving his father alone with strangers.

“Who’s going to call him every day? You know?” he told a counselor.

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“I know. The truth is Tyler this is a family disease,” the counselor told him. “You’ve suffered trauma based on his addiction. Every time that phone rings and you’re wondering who’s on the other end and what’s he got to say, that’s trauma, that’s a trauma response. His happiness is not your responsibility. It’s his.”

In a separate room, Butch admitted to an intake counselor that he had taken crack three or four days before entering rehab, saying cocaine and crack were his drugs of choice and that he frequently used “a lot of it.”


“Listen I’m a mess, you’re getting a banged up garbage can,” Butch said.

As the night drew to a close, Butch and Tyler grew emotional as they hugged each other goodbye.

“I love you,” Butch said, to which Tyler replied, “I love you too dad.”

Tyler previously tweeted about his father’s addiction in January, writing that the would always love his father despite the heartache they’ve both been through.

“As a child of an addict, I don’t think I’ll ever NOT be angry with him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love him unconditionally,” he tweeted.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.