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Social Media may hold clues to the mindset of Florida school shooter

ST. LOUIS – Social Media is one of the main sources investigators are using to take a deeper look into the background Nikolas Cruz.

Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter are the main locations that Security Consultant Joe Delia says is where would-be shooters provide what he calls leakage.

“They’ve talked to people ahead of time, all the warning signs are there,” Delia said.

Delia says most social media users just thumb pass those red flags, but it would be wise to take them seriously.

“I think this particular shooter down in Florida you’ll probably see social media post and prior threats and that people recognized him as a threat,” he said.

“We used to didn’t talk about it, we need to talk about it and we need to do something about it,” Jennings High School Principal Dr. Rhonda Key said.

Hearts are heavy from parents, teacher, and students across the nation following this latest shooting.

In this time, Jennings Principal Dr. Rhonda Key is calling on parents to self-reflect and talk to their child.

“Parents can be role models,” she said. “How do they handle stress, how do you do self-care and actually talk about those things with they’re students, but most important role modeling!”