Reminder to Trump, Republicans: Your plan would probably deport Trump's in-laws

The details of first lady Melania Trump’s immigration to the U.S. have never been made clear by the White House, despite the promise months ago that all the documentation would be released. Setting aside the very real possibility that she worked in this country illegally for months before getting a work authorization: what about her parents?

They’re living here, reportedly taking care of Barron, but the White House also is refusing to disclose their status. Probably because Trump’s own preferred immigration policy would keep them from the permanent residency they appear to be enjoying now.

According to various news reports, the Knavses have been living in the United States at least a year. Since Melania Trump moved into the White House, some reports have suggested they live there. Other reports have said they split their time between the Washington, D.C. area, Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower and Bedminster, N.J. They apparently help take care of Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year-old child.

“The hyperinvolved Slovenian grandparents currently live with their daughter and grandson in the Trump Tower penthouse and spend most weekends with the Trumps at Mar-a-Lago, or at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey,” Politico reported in June.

The White House initially refused to comment on their immigration status. “I don’t comment on her parents, as they live private lives and are not part of the administration,” said Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for the first lady.

Maybe they’re here on an IR-5 visa, legal permanent residents as parents of a U.S. citizen. If they’re not, they should probably apply for that before their son-in-law can get rid of it, because that’s what he wants to do. He wants to end what he calls “chain migration” that lets anyone but the spouses and minor children of lawful residents come here. Maybe they’re here on tourist visas, which last about six months but can be extended for up to a year. If that’s how they’re here then yeah, they’d better go for that IR-5 visa while they can. But that’s also a problem.