Racist trolls using abuse victims' photos to make fake claims of attacks at 'Black Panther' shows

The latest Marvel superhero movie Black Panther is out! Its Thursday opening is expected to have raked in over $25 million—yes, in one night. 

Unfortunately, racists hate to see black people have any joy—and some are doing anything possible to chip away at it. Just take a look at this recent heinous example of the tactics used by racist people to spread misinformation. Warning: screenshots including some of the graphic photos are included below.

BuzzFeed News reports that racists are using Twitter to share photos of bloody and/or bruised white women with false claims that they’re the result of being attacked by black people at Black Panther movie screenings. 


Fake posts are being created to make black people look bad and the sad part of it is some people will believe them #BlackPanther pic.twitter.com/XzNMoxFmWs

— Trapa Fasa (@trapafasa) February 16, 2018

Someone even used a photo of a bruised Colbie Holderness, an ex-wife of former White House secretary Rob Porter, taken after being assaulted by him in the early 2000s.