Paul Ryan really doesn’t want to stop the massacre of more American children

You’ll be shocked to learn that House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t think Congress needs to act to stop the slaughter of American children on American soil.

“One thing we know is if there are early indications for mental illness, I think we probably have to do a better job of making sure people don’t slip through the cracks.”

Asked if law enforcement should be able to confiscate guns from someone displaying signs of mental illness, Ryan said, “This is not the time to jump to some conclusion not knowing the full facts. We’ve got a lot more information we need to know. But if someone who is mentally ill is slipping through the cracks and getting a gun, because we have laws on the books—we have a system to prevent people who aren’t supposed to get guns from getting guns—and if there are gaps there, then we need to look at those gaps.” Ryan also emphasized the importance of addressing mental illness, in light of laws already on the books.

It’s time to re-up this again, from last October and the Las Vegas massacre.

Remember back in February when the Republican government worked like a well-oiled machine to keep guns in the hands of the severely mentally ill? They can’t get themselves together to actually govern, but they were as efficient as hell when it came to overturning President Obama’s rule intended to prevent the mentally ill from having guns.

On February 2nd [2017], just days into the new Congress, the House voted to roll back the regulation. […]

The Senate voted on February 15, 57-43, to get rid of the rule. Trump signed it on February 28.