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Parents offer opposing opinions on raffling off firearms to raise money

ST. PETERS, MO – Some local youth sports parents are weighing in on the decision of a Neosho youth team to raise money by raffling off an AR-15.  Organizers of that raffle have been criticized by some who point out the AR-15 was the type of firearm used in the Florida school shooting that took 17 lives.

There was a mix of opinions at Gametime Sports in St. Peters Monday night.  Some parents did not see a problem with the raffle while others believed it was in poor taste.

“It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the people behind them,” said one parent.

“It’s not right.  It’s in bad taste,” said another parent.

Firearm raffles are not uncommon.  We found the website  One upcoming raffle features an AR-15 style firearm.

AR-15 style rifles were banned in the United States in 1994 but that ban expired and was not renewed.