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Mice infested apartments still plague Clinton Peabody Public housing complex

ST. LOUIS – The latest in the You Paid For It Team’s continuing investigation of the mice infestation at Clinton Peabody Public housing complex in South St Louis is still ongoing.

A tenant tells investigator Elliott Davis that she was moved from one mice infested apartment to another and that she’s not getting enough help to cope with the problem.

We first exposed the massive mice infestation at the complex of about 30 buildings and nearly 300 tenants last August.

Now the St. Louis Housing Authority is under a microscope over its handling of the problem from the St. Louis Health Department.

It’s cited the Housing Authority for numerous violations and demanded that it bring in more professional help to get the problem solved.

We questioned Housing Authority Executive Director Cheryl Lovell who says she’d spent about $175,000 trying to solve the problem since we first reported on it. She expects to spend up to $40,000 more. Even then she’s not sure of solving the problem.

The Housing Authority has tried to a number of approaches including bringing in 6 feral cats to try to catch the mouse. Director Lovell says she’s not sure how that’s working.

The head of the Health Department says that’s not something she would have done.