Marijuana And Paranoia – What Do Studies Say?

Paranoia is a common side effect of smoking marijuana purchased from a San Jose dispensary. THC is the chemical constituent accountable for making you feel paranoid.

THC Increases Paranoia
Studies recommend that marijuana can increase paranoia. In particular, they point to THC as the main culprit. According to a study, researchers injected THC (equal to a strong joint) or a placebo in the subjects. They calculated their obsessed thinking through an interview, surveys, a virtual reality task, and a social situation dispensary.

The subjects were asked for their agreement with statements such as “right now I feel like people are against me” and “right now I feel suspicious of other people”. The ones who were given THC illustrated considerably more fearful feelings while high than the ones given the placebo.

Paranoia Linked to Strange Feelings
These researchers even wanted to find out how marijuana increases paranoia. Marijuana use has many effects on the mind, but two stood out as causes of paranoid thinking. The first is increased negative feelings such as sadness, worry, and anxiety. Another is bizarre sensory experiences or “anomalous”. Essentially, how weed makes us feel different and changes our experience of the world.

Even small alterations in perception attributable to marijuana can lead us to feel out of sorts. The researchers illustrate different sorts of strange sensory experience as – “hallucinations, sensory flooding, or distorted sensory experience”.

When the mind experiences unusual sensations, it wants to find an explanation. And if you’re also experiencing downbeat feelings like depression or worry, you’re more likely to jump to conclusions and become fearful.

Experienced Users Are Less Paranoid
The researchers believe we can target both of these marijuana consequences to lessen paranoia. For instance, you could try to stop worrying, or learn to tolerate the strange sensations brought on by marijuana. This may elucidate why marijuana users with a tolerance illustrate less paranoia. Seasoned smokers may be more used to the changes in sensory awareness brought on by the high.

This study is limited in its application. It focused on THC alone, yet marijuana purchased from San Jose dispensary contains other significant compounds like CBD. Regardless, this research shows that THC really does increase paranoia. And, it’s likely the reason that marijuana that causes paranoia.