#lpexperthour: solo travel

#lpexperthour - solo travel

Setting off across the world, completely alone, can easily be both an empowering prospect and terrifying notion.

Not having to answer to the call of anyone but the wild, nor worry about the specific requirements of any fellow travellers can make for a truly personal travel journey, allowing you to connect on a deeper level to the places and people you come across. But, undertaking a solo travel trip for the first time is understandably daunting, and presents many challenges alongside its advantages – what if you don’t feel safe? What if you get lonely? What if you can’t afford to pay a single traveller premium? To answer some of these perennial questions, and to celebrate the release of our new Solo Travel Handbook, our next #lpexpert hour will be dedicated to the nuanced subject of travelling alone.

Join us on Thursday 15 February at 16:30 GMT, as solo travel blogger and Lonely Planet Trailblazer Dan Clarke of Dan Flying Solo, and travel writer and solo travel enthusiast MaSovaida Morgan take the reigns of our Twitter account to answer all of your queries regarding travelling solo. They’ll be ready with advice, inspiration and personal anecdotes on everything from planning a solo travel trip to dealing with homesickness and how to make friends on the road.

How do I take part?

  1. Follow @lonelyplanet and the hashtag #lpexperthour on Twitter on Thursday 15 February at 16:30 GMT/ 8:30 PST.
  2. Tweet us your questions by including our handle @lonelyplanet and the hashtag #lpexperthour.
  3. Stay tuned to our feed to see advice and answers direct from Dan and MaSovaida. While we’ll do our best to answer your questions, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to address each and every one.

Introducing our hosts:

MaSovaida Morgan


MaSovaida is professional travel writer, editor, photographer and video host. Throughout her career, MaSovaida has undertaken countless solo travel trips, during which she has hiked through the Andes, learned the traditional Rapa Nui dance in Easter Island, and ridden a sky bike in Ecuador, on a wire 200 feet above a river gorge!

Daniel Clarke


Daniel has been a full time traveller for the past three years and loves the freedom, excitement and local interactions you get from travelling solo. With around 60 countries under his belt, and many of those visited alone, he’s passionate about exploring the world while kicking the fear of going solo. He records his experiences on his hugely popular blog Dan Flying Solo.

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