Justin Trudeau's Motorcade Involved in Crash Leaving 3 People Injured Including CHP Officer

A California Highway Patrol motorcycle escorting the motorcade for Justin Trudeau was involved in a car crash on Friday evening.

The Canadian Prime Minister had a speaking engagement at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California, to discuss U.S.-Canada relations in a speech in which he defended the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Following the sold-out event, approximately four miles from the venue, a civilian vehicle allegedly turned left in front of Trudeau’s motorcade and collided with a CHP officer on a motorcycle, according to multiple local reports.

The Ventura County Fire Department confirmed the accident on Twitter, reporting that the officer was “transported to hospital due to moderate injuries.”

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The driver, a female, and her son were taken to a local hospital. The parent suffered a neck injury while her child has a possible broken wrist, according to KABC7.

Trudeau’s vehicle was not involved and the motorcade continued.

Following the accident, Trudeau attended an event at the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles where he took a selfie with actor Seth Rogen.

The accident comes after Trudeau’s first official trip to San Francisco during his four-day visit.