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Inmate reportedly drugged his twin, stole his clothes and ID to escape prison

Alexander Delgado Herrera is back in custody following his 2017 escape from prison. (Peru’s Ministry of the Interior)

CALLAO, Peru – A prisoner is back in custody in Peru more than a year after an unconventional escape involving his twin brother, a move seemingly taken “straight from Arrested Development,” per the Daily Beast.

Alexander Delgado Herrera had been serving 16 years for child sex abuse and robbery when his twin, Giancarlo, visited him at Piedras Gordas ‘Ancon I’ prison north of Lima last January. Seizing on the opportunity, Delgado Herrera—also known by the alias Vaporito—allegedly drugged his brother, stole his clothes and ID, and walked out of the prison. Fingerprints later confirmed the wrong man was in custody, report the BBC and Telegraph.

Arrested on suspicion of involvement, Giancarlo was eventually released without charge while the government offered a $6,000 reward for information leading to his twin’s capture, per the Guardian.

The reward notwithstanding, authorities had reportedly been monitoring Delgado Herrera’s whereabouts for months before he was spotted by agents of the National Police of Peru in the seaside city of Callao on Monday. He was captured after an alleged attempt to flee and reportedly said he escaped “because I was desperate to see my mother.”

He’s now expected to be moved to a maximum security prison in Peru’s south.

(A “pioneer in her field” died delivering twins.)

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