In weekend tweets, Trump rants about 'Fake News', 'Due Process' and Russia, Russia, Russia

Welcome back to our most reliably agony-inducing feature, the weekend look into Donald Trump’s rapidly decaying mind. At this point the man is using every unsupervised moment to scream into the twitter-void; executive time seems to consist entirely of Donald Trump watching television, followed by Donald Trump screeching about something he saw on television. That’s when he’s not off visiting his own private for-profit businesses: That’s right, kids, he trooped off to the Trump International Hotel & Bribery Center again this weekend. Of course he did.

This weekend was, to use a term recently re-popularized by the White House, a particular shitshow. The man has grievances, and they all will be aired.


So many positive things going on for the U.S.A. and the Fake News Media just doesn’t want to go there. Same negative stories over and over again! No wonder the People no longer trust the media, whose approval ratings are correctly at their lowest levels in history! #MAGA

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 11, 2018

Again: A sitting President of the United States continually and obsessively attacking the nation’s free press as fraudulent is not even a little bit normal. It would have been a major scandal in any other administration; it would have been evidence of instability, unfitness or worse. Republican lawmakers and the punditry alike are now insistent, however, on redefining the office to allow whatever egregious, lunatic behavior this one malignant narcissist pipes up with; if he wants to solicit cash payments from individuals who wish to chat with him during Mar-a-Lago weekends, that is allowed now; if he wants a goddamn parade of tanks trundling down Washington streets to show France the what-for, a parade of tanks it is.

He spent a subtweet on defending Rob Porter, who resigned last week after revelations that he had physically assaulted multiple ex-wives. This required Kellyanne Conway to troop off to the Sunday show circuit yet again to invent stories about how terribly “disturbed” President Biff here was by the revelations: Does this feel like a man who was “disturbed”?