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Hundreds march in Glens Falls to end heroin and opioid abuse

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s time for change. That’s what one community is saying together, in one voice, Friday night. As they fight to put an end to heroin and opioid abuse.

Hundreds took to the streets in downtown Glens Falls on Friday, demanding changes and hoping to prevent future tragedies.

From every corner, from every block, the chanting was loud and the message is clear.

For one organizer, Bob Dean, this march hits home.

“A storm has come our way in name of heroin,” Dean said.

Both his brother and his sister, Angie, killed by heroin overdoses.

Angie died just last month. This would have been her birthday.

But, this march is no eulogy.

“Today, I hope we create a storm, “Dean said.

It’s a statement to put an end to drug and the addiction.

“My goal today is to educate, inspire and motive people to get out there and help out,” Dean said.

Sign after sign, row after row, of people joining him. Some who have lost loved ones.

Cynthia Moisher’s daughter died from an overdose.

“My whole body went into shock,” Moisher said.

Nancy Deeb worries about the same fate for her child.

“I have a son that has addiction,” Deeb said.

Then there’s Brittany Townsend. She is a recovering addict. One who managed to get clean, her brother did not. Townsend marches for him.

“I tried heroin for the first time when I got out of high school,” Townsend said. “The more passion that grows, the more we can do about it and the more lives we’ll save.”

That’s exactly what this day was all about.

“You have two choices. You can either give up and just move on with your life; or you can motivate other people to try and help and make some change,” Dean said.

News10 was told this is just the beginning. There are already future marchEs in the works.