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How to talk to your kids about the Florida HS shooting

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In the wake of Wednesday’s deadly school shooting, many parents are left grappling with how to explain the atrocity to their children.

There have already been more than a dozen school shootings in the first two months of 2018.

Many parents are likely becoming more and more terrified to put their child on the school bus every morning.

A social worker and father of two says while it’s important to be honest with yourself and your children, you must also remember to stay calm and be the voice of reason.

“So we have to find a way to keep that calmness, talk to them and remind them that more days than not, bad things do not happen,” Dr. Joe Germano said.

Dr. Germano with Karner Psychological Associates recommends that when approaching this kind of conversation, parents should first take into consideration the age and sensitivity of their child.

“I think with younger children we may wait until they come to you. With older children we know they’re on social media and quite frankly they aware of more things before we are.”

The same goes for exposure.

“If you’ve got an 8-year-old who is in the living room and you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner and the TV is on and all of a sudden this stuff is going on absolutely turn off the TV and go into another room.”

Germano says while that situation may not work for elementary aged children, it could act as the perfect opportunity to have that conversation with your teenager.

While asking your child about how they feel, it’s also important to encourage them to speak up.

“I think our teenagers, in particular, are desensitized in my opinion. I think we have to continue to have that conversation. If you are concerned about something say something go to somebody,” Germano said. “Let the adults do their job. It’s not tattle tailing. If you’re worried and, unfortunately, we have to be honest with ourselves that more and more these situations are occurring and we need to be proactive as we can if there are those red flags.”