How to make a small American kitchen?

Continuing with the collection of inspirations in our kitchen remodeling special , today we bring you a wonderful idea to gain extra square meters if you have a small space: the small American kitchen kitchen remodel Waukesha.

American kitchens are one of the most popular types of modern kitchens today. They focus on eliminating the walls and partitions that separate it from spaces such as the living room and dining room.

If you are a fan of the open concept and want to have an integrated social area that promotes spaciousness and multipurpose, but your space is limited, the design of a small American kitchen may be for you! Keep reading and discover how to adapt this interior design style in your own kitchen.

What is an American-style kitchen?
American kitchens are kitchens open to another space, generally the living room and dining room. These have as an integration point the bars or islands that also function as a resource to delimit each space without having a wall in between.

To help you make the best decision for your kitchen remodeling, below we will show you the main advantages and disadvantages of American-style kitchens.

Advantages of a small American kitchen with a bar

  • Maximize space. By integrating different rooms, an American kitchen helps you optimize your square meters to the maximum.
  • Expands the useful surface of the kitchen. American bars can serve as countertops, a dining table, and even as a “ home office desk .”
  • Improves the flow of natural light. By taking down the walls, the open-plan kitchen allows natural light to flow, promoting spaciousness and saving on energy consumption.
  • It serves as a meeting point. In a small kitchenette there will be enough space for all your guests to sit where the action is.