How to earn trust with your content marketing

content marketing

How reliable do your prospective clients think you are?

  • If you use social networks for business, can they rely on you to show up regularly with your ideas?
  • If you publish a newsletter, can they rely on you to get each edition out on time?
  • If you publish a podcast or have a YouTube channel, can they rely on you to publish on schedule?
  • If you are a blogger, can they rely on you to publish useful posts on a regular basis?

Here’s the thing: By observing your activities, such as those above, prospective clients can build a picture of you. A picture that shows how committed you are to delivering on time. A picture of your reliability.

Your content marketing is a trust-building asset

By turning up regularly, you will start to earn the trust of your marketplace. They get to see, for themselves, that you can be counted on to deliver. Over time, you’ll build a strong reputation for reliability. This transforms your content marketing into a major, trust-building asset.

The key point here is to make content marketing a priority. Don’t just fit it in when you have some spare time or when things are quiet. Treat it as a primary business activity. Because it is. At least it should be.

The easiest way is to choose a small number of content marketing channels. Then, commit to being there regularly. Put the time required in your diary, and do it. Bit by bit. Day by day. Your prospective clients will come to rely on you and trust you.

Just think how valuable that would be for your business. Imagine it… a marketplace filled with prospective clients who already know you’re reliable and who already trust you.

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