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How To Download A Report

Get Analysis, Comparison and Cross-channel Reports instantly on our Report tab. Here’s a step by step guide to downloading or emailing a report.

1. Head to the Report tab and click on ‘Get a Report now’

In this page, you’ll also see a history of all the reports you’ve downloaded on Unmetric Analyze.

2. Choose the type of report you’d like to download or email

3. Select a time period

Note: If you choose a time period of 30 days and over, we’ll email the report to you. You can email this report to multiple people.

4. Select the social network and profiles you’d like this report to feature

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Analysis Report – you can select multiple brands and you’ll get separate analysis reports for each
Comparison Report – you can only select one group – the group will need to have at least two profiles in it.
Cross-Channel Report – select either one or multiple brand labels. Here’s how you create a brand label.

5. Select a format

You can choose to download your report in more than one format – Excel – raw data, Powerpoint and Excel – charts.

Then hit ‘Download Report’ or ‘Email Report’ and you’re done!

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