Hector Bellerin doubles down on his Arsenal Fan TV comments

Hector Bellerin vs Arsenal Fan TV

Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has taken to social media on Saturday to react to his ‘feud’ with Arsenal Fan TV.

The whole story started a few days ago, when Bellerin spoke at the Oxford Union.

The Spanish international was asked by an audience member for his feedback on Arsenal Fan TV.

And Bellerin took the opportunity to have a bit of a pop at AFTV. He said:

I think it’s so wrong for someone that claims to be a fan and their success is fed of a failure, so how can that be a fan? So i think they’re just people hustling, trying to make money their way.

Bellerin doubles down

On Saturday the Arsenal defender has poked the bear once more.

He’s taken to Twitter to double down on his original Arsenal Fan TV comments. Bellerin said:

At no point have I criticised Arsenal fan base… I just voiced my opinion about a platform. Guess some people just can’t take opinions about themselves.

Arsenal Fan TV respond

Over the weekend, before Bellerin posted his latest tweets, Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie posted a lengthy video on YouTube reacting to Bellerin.

In it Robbie argued that AFTV are huge Gunners fans who don’t profit on the club’s failure.

Indeed, he argued he always hopes that club does well, he supports Bellerin every time he plays for the club, while Robbie revealed the stats into how many wins Arsenal have recorded since he started his platform five years ago.

What seems clear is that this beef isn’t dying down anytime soon.

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