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Cats have an innate ability to play, fight and sleep in the perfect flea infested areas. Fleas can be found under houses or in abandoned structures where they are waiting. These parasites simply hitch a ride back to your home and there, they multiply. Fleas can cause health problems for both dogs and cats. It is important to protect them in the constant battle against these parasites. Your techniques to combat cat fleas are similar tactics used on your home and yard. As with home and yard protection, basic cleaning is a solid foundation to launch your attack.

Combs – If adult fleas have trenched themselves in the cat fur your most efficient tool is a flea comb. Combing has several benefits. It removes adult fleas and reduces the need for insecticide. Additionally, two can be combined with an alcohol- or soap solution to kill adult fleas immediately. Adult fleas love thick fur, so they tend to accumulate near the neck, face and front of the head.

Solutions – Shampoo can be used to chemically exterminate unwanted intruders. After combing your pet, a soapy bath becomes a gentle insecticide that subdues light infestations. To dramatically increase the effectiveness of shampoo allow 5-10 minutes of soaking before you rinse.

IGR’s are insect growth regulators. They can be used as spot-on’s sprays, pills or food ingredients. IGR’s aim to control larvae and egg development. When exposed to an IGR, adult fleas are incapable of reproducing, eggs fail to hatch and larvae die before maturation. The only issue is the adult fleas that ultimately survive the IGR’s affects. IGRs can often be combined with mild insecticides to eliminate adult fleas. Cat enclosures

Enclosure – Cat and dog enclosures let you choose the place your pet goes after it leaves the house. Cat and dog cages (or enclosures) are usually built in sunny areas where fleas are less likely. You should also provide shade, but avoid moist areas that can be a breeding ground for parasites. You can reduce the likelihood of your pet getting fleas by keeping them out of your yard.

There are many products that can be used to kill fleas. Amongst acronyms, such as IGR’s, and chemistry jargon like pyriproxyfen that only a scientist can understand, how do you sort out what does what? You don’t have to worry, I have done all the work for you. All you need to do is to read. Three brief but concise chapters make up this article. Chapter I will briefly describe the flea and its life cycle, vital to understanding how you can kill the buggers. Chapter II and Chapter III list how to protect your house, garden, and pet from flea infestation. The Chapter III ends with a link to the products that you will need to rid your home of these parasites. We’ll start with an incredible fact. How many eggs were you able to say fleas laid?