Get to know our 5 phytotherapy products for menopause

If you want to reduce anxiety, stress or slow down the symptoms of menopause, learn about our 5 phytotherapy products for menopause.

September is back and for many it is the beginning of a new year, a new school year, returning to work, etc. Post-vacation depression, stress and the desire to lose those pounds we have accumulated during the summer are back. But… How to overcome the routine and return from vacation?

This is when phytotherapy works. What are the benefits of phytotherapy? Phytotherapy treats a long list of symptoms with natural treatments. At Salunatur we present you the best phytotherapy products that cannot be missing in your daily life Kambo Stick.

How to lose weight? If you want to eliminate those extra pounds that you have gained this summer, complement your healthy and balanced diet by playing sports and taking a weight control product.

Stress reduction. To reduce stress and calm the anxiety that September causes, we advise you to use phytotherapy products, since having natural ingredients helps you rest better.

Collagen and magnesium. If with stress and returning to your routine you feel weaker, we advise you to buy collagen with magnesium since the benefits of collagen help you strengthen your joints and reduce the feeling of tiredness.

Get to know our 5 phytotherapy products for menopause
Obegrass Envelopes: is a food supplement based on natural ingredients that helps control weight.

XLS Kg-Cm Tablets: has been specially formulated to help with weight control diets and to firm the figure, achieving a slimmer appearance.

SUPRADYN ACTIVE 90 + 30 TABLETS PACK: it is a multivitamin that, thanks to its exclusive combination of vitamins, minerals and coenzyme Q10, gives you the energy necessary to face everyday life.

COMPLIDERMOL 50 CAPSULES: it is a product recommended to complement the supply of nutrients for the skin, hair and nails.

COLNATUR COMPLEX FOREST FRUITS POWDER 345 G: incorporates pure assimilable natural collagen, magnesium, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to help maintain bones and cartilage in perfect condition and contribute to the proper functioning of skin, hair and nails.