Fredrik Eklund Gives a Personal Tour of His 'Cozy Country House' in Connecticut


There’s no place like Fredrik Eklund’s Connecticut home!

The Million Dollar Listing New York star and his husband Derek Kaplan first picked up their little slice of suburban heaven in 2016, and have since been putting it to good use for holidays and plenty of weekends away. Now, Eklund is sharing inside the palatial estate that he shares with his painter spouse and their two children, 11-week-old twins Milla and Fredrik Jr.

“I’m so thankful. I came to New York fourteen years ago with literally nothing so to be able to have this big beautiful house, we have I think it’s eight acres of gorgeous land now,” he tells PEOPLE in an exclusive video tour, above.

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The first space he visits is the “dramatic” Great Room, with soaring ceilings, a chandelier and a cozy fireplace. Although the grounds are covered in a layer of snow now, in the warm-weather months the glass doors off of the luxe seating area open to their sprawling exterior amenities.

“We have the infinity pool there. There’s a sauna there. There’s a private pond down there, and then all these woods with no neighbors,” the realtor explains. “It’s all ours.”

In another living area, “the cozy factor is 100,” he says. A flat-screen TV and couch complete with faux-fur blankets create a relaxing environment, while sentimental collections remind Eklund of special moments in the couple’s life.

“We have some very important objects to us, like this crazy mask,” he says, picking up the item he jokes resembles his Bethenny & Fredrik co-star Bethenny Frankel. “We got this in Africa when I finally got to see the continent where Derek grew up.”

His nursery is a newborn wonderland, complete with a castle theme and racks of designer clothes (some “$350 each”).

“This is where the baby magic happens,” he says. “I wish I had this when I was a kid.”

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Their New York City home is equally as stunning, nestled in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood overlooking the Hudson River. But when it comes to needing a break from the big city, there’s no better spot then this charming abode.

“This is such a cozy country house,” he says. “I just love it.”