Former Man United star blames Paul Pogba’s poor form on Alexis Sanchez

Strange conclusion

It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for Manchester United’s Paul Pogba but one former player has claimed it’s down to the arrival of Alexis Sanchez.

The Frenchman has had troubles with Jose Mourinho after the player was moved into a defensive midfield two.

The player is more in favour of an attacking role with less defensive responsibilities but Mourinho sees it another way.

That has lead to some tension between the two but former Man United and Liverpool star Paul Ince has suggested there is another reason.

He suggests that since Alexis Sanchez has come into the club, Pogba is no long the main man and the Chilean has ‘taken the shine off him’.

Safe to say, his raise some questions in the minds of all football fans with some questionable logic.

“Since Sanchez joined the club, Pogba’s confidence and mood seems to have gone in the opposite direction to earlier in the season,” Ince explained in his column for bookies Paddy Power.

“He looks like a totally different player.

“It’s probably due to the fact, that pre-Sanchez, he was the main man. He was the kingpin and the one everyone was talking about.

“But the arrival of Sanchez has taken the shine off him. What I would say is, at United, you’re all main men. You should all perform like that, too.

“Looking at the Newcastle game, you could see from his body language that he’s fed up. Whatever it is, it’s a problem that needs addressing.”

Manchester United midfield legend has his say on Paul Pogba situation

Safe to say, Ince isn’t the only one talking about Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho this week.

Several pundits have made their opinions known but they don’t come bigger than from this legend.

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