We can’t speak highly enough about our Northglenn smoke shop, or our two Denver head shop locations on Colfax and Evans Avenue (near D.U.). There are many benefits to shopping in person at our pipe shops, but online ordering has five important perks.

ONE: Large Selection with Simple Sorting

Are you worried about the lack of variety if your skip the visit to our shops? There’s no reason for concern with expresss moke shop’ online smoke shop. We offer hundreds of the best vaporizers, water pipes, hand pipes and essential smoking accessories. In fact, we make more high-quality products available for online purchase than many physical smoke shops locations regularly stock. Our online smoke shop allows you to filter out undesirable products from hundreds of other options. You can narrow down your options online by knowing what you want. Simply select the relevant categories from our website. This will limit the list to hand pipes, water pipes and any other product you are looking for bong.

TWO: Compare Products, Prices and Pipe Shops Easily

Buyer’s remorse: we’ve all been there. It is easy to question the quality of products purchased after-the fact, especially if they are expensive or if you made a purchase impulsively. When you choose to shop online instead of visiting a store in person, it’s never been easier to research available brands and customer reviews on vaporizers, glass and accessories. Our team does the legwork for you with detailed descriptions and specs for many of our hottest products. You can also shop our smoke shop or vape shop by brand, with thorough overviews of today’s best vape shop product manufacturers, rolling paper brands and local glass options.

You can also compare our prices and policies to other online shops to make sure you are getting the best deal. You can easily review feedback from our prior customers to ensure that we’ll offer offer superior service if anything goes wrong with your order.

THREE: Shipping and Discreet Shopping

Even in Colorado and other states with legal cannabis, plenty of smokers prefer to keep their love of herb on the down-low. Many people are concerned about the possibility of their landlords, employers, or families seeing them shop at stores like ours. If you’re shopping from your couch, your likelihood of being spotted against your wishes while buying smoke shop products has literally never been lower. We keep your packaging secure and discreet so that you can enjoy your products immediately after they arrive or leave them on the porch for a few hours with no neighbors.

FOUR: Social Distancing (Essential or Not)

We’ve been cautious about unnecessary activities and errands since the beginning of COVID-19. This is to avoid spreading the virus to others or contracting it ourselves. This is just one reason that a growing percentage of patrons have shifted their buying patterns toward online retailers whenever its feasible to do so. Instacart, Amazon Prime and same-day delivery services offered by a number grocery giants have made this shift toward increased online shopping easier than ever. Express moke shop was proud to join the ranks of online retailers last April. There’s no need to risk your health (or others’) or limit your selection of glass and the latest vaporizers.

Besides, even without a global pandemic to consider – why put on pants and drive to the store when you can shop from the comfort of your home? If it means you have to take off your PJs, why do something that’s not strictly for enjoyment? You can place your order in minutes and then go back to watching binge-watching on the couch. With free shipping on all orders over $100, and fast deliveries straight to your door, you’ll be enjoying your new purchases in no time without any extra hard-earned cash.

FIVE: Online or On-Site, We’re Here to Help

No matter how you purchased our smoke shop products, our team is here to answer questions or address any concerns you may have. Our Northglenn, D.U. location can be reached by calling within the listed hours. or Colfax locations by calling within the hours listed to have your product questions answered by our experienced staff. Chat online with express moke shop team by messaging our Facebook page or contact us by email (though calling and messaging are the fastest ways to reach us). We pride ourselves in selling only state-of-the-art products with secure and well-wrapped packaging. With that said, if your water pipe or other products show up broken, we won’t leave you high and dry. You don’t have to believe what we say. Check out the recent customer feedback and return policies at our Northglenn and Denver head shops. We welcome your comments and suggestions while you are there.

Check Out Our Online Smoke Shop Today!

expresss moke shop We are proud to offer hundreds upon hundreds of high-quality accessories and devices for vaping and smoking – including hookahs, water pipes, and dab rigs. Our Northglenn and Denver head shops (on Colfax and Evans Avenue near D.U.) are open seven days a week. Students at Denver University get 10% off when they present a valid student ID.

If you’re over age 21 in Colorado or other legal U.S. states seeking quality pipe shop products, look no further than expresss moke shop Online Smoke Shop You’ll find exceptional prices on hundreds more of our popular products – all deliverable straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re shopping online or onsite, expresss moke shop is proud to provide you with the very best smoke shop products on the market today.