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Facebook’s Algorithm Change: What Social Marketers Should Do About It

25601340Facebook’s Algorithm Change: What Social Marketers Should Do About It

By now, you have heard that Facebook’s algorithm is changing.

This news could be particularly devastating for marketers and small businesses with low budgets. Organic reach on Facebook pages is about to plummet, and it is going to be harder to reach the audience you have probably spent years building. However, these changes just mean that it is time to focus and find more innovative ways to reach your target market in a genuine and positive way, and it can still be done with limited resources.

Here are three cost effective ways to keep your business relevant on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Live Strategy

Facebook Live videos are an effective and economical way to garner instant and constant interactions and comments. If you haven’t been using Facebook Live, now is the time to start!

Filming video–like Live Q&A’s, big announcements, or answering blog comments–is a proactive way to not only get users to watch, but also to get them engaged. Start slow; try doing a live video every other week to test the waters. Promote the fact that you’re going live to get people excited about it. There are endless ways to get creative with live video!

2. Invest More in Influencer Relationships

Investing in the right influencers and having your content shown on their pages can be even more effective than posting about it yourself.

Many partnerships do require monetary compensation, but it is possible to find influencers who are willing to work with you for trade. Influencer relations is a cost-effective way to create brand ambassadors who will keep talking about your brand, not only on Facebook, but on all social media platforms. There are plenty of articles out there to help you get started with influencer relations.

3. Run a Group Page AND Your Business Page

This idea will not necessarily work for every business, but it is an easy and free way to stay relevant on Facebook, boost engagement, and show up on the Facebook news feed more than the traditional business page. A business page is designed to be the official profile for a business or entity, whereas a group page allows people to come together to share a specific interest and share related content.

Group pages will see a bigger presence in the Facebook news feed because of the involvement they generate. Facebook ads are the other option.

The great thing is you can now link your Facebook page to your group page. There are products, such as the Instant Pot, that have group pages with a stronger following than their official business page. You just need to find the best way to do it for your own business.

The important thing to remember in all these changes is that Facebook is meant to foster meaningful interactions between people. If you are creating content that your audience enjoys, engages with, and shares, then these Facebook changes will not affect you.

Now it’s your turn – what suggestions do you have to make the most of Facebook in a cost-effective way? Let us know on Twitter. And to plan and execute better in 2018, download the planning guide below.

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