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Expectant mothers get help to beat opioid addiction at WISH Center

ST. LOUIS – The opioid crisis has reached epidemic proportions in the St. Louis area and it’s impacting expectant moms and their babies.

Mothers-to-be are seeking help TO get off prescription pain pills, heroin and other opioids at the Women and Infant Substance Help Center Better known as the Wish Center at SSM Health at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Doctors wean pregnant women off drugs through behavioral and medical treatments, including methadone.

According to the clinic, 85-percent of patients test negative for illegal or unprescribed drugs at the time of delivery.

It’s just one indication the WISH Center is saving the lives of moms and their babies.

The clinic is located at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, 1035 Bellevue Avenue Suite 205, Richmond Heights,
MO 63117.

The number is (314) 426-2211.